T. Learys 'Mind Mirror'


also Leary schrieb in den 80er jahren mal ein programm "mind mirror" mit welchem man sich selbst besser kennen lernen können sollte.. :)



Timothy Leary's Mind Mirror is a "game" published in 1985 by Electronic Arts. It's a "game" only in the sense that no one can otherwise make heads or tails of it - there is no winning, no losing, no scoring. It is, however, deeply interactive, multi-media (of sorts), and hypertextual. Each play of the game results in a mind map - of you, your family, oyour friends, of a leader in history, your pet cat.

The vendor observed "Mind Mirror allows the performer to digitize (scope) any thought, compare it with other thoughts and compare thoughts with others, and to engage in simulation of various roles." MobyGames classified it as a Zen / Meditative sport.


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